Penis Enlargement Options – What Is Safe And 100% Works?

by Darren Rhys on March 17, 2014. Updated December 8, 2014

Read This Killer Insight On The Pros & Cons Of 4 Popular Penis Enlargement Options.  2 Are Safe, And 1 Has Proven 100% Results.  Will It Work For  You?

According to surveys, most men want a larger penis; a little more length and girth. The surveys, not surprisingly, show that most women also want their partners better endowed.

There are many options to choose from for men and the partners, however not all the options are good ones. With all the different options, the most popular are surgery, implants, pills, penis pumps(safest & most effective), and exercises.

Penis Lengthening and Widening Surgery

The surgery for penis enlargement and penis implants requires making an incision in the penis base then cutting the ligament holding the penis in place. After surgery, the man must wear a device that stretches and continually pulls on the penis, preventing the ligament from reattaching and pulling the penis out of the body.

Having penis lengthening surgery is a very painful and risky procedure. Because the surgery is considered cosmetic, it is also expensive. While men may be willing to endure the pain and expense of penis lengthening surgery, most aren’t willing to endure the minimal gains they get from having the surgery. Depending on how the man is built, most only see a 1-3 centimeter gain. Studies show that only 35% of the men who had penis lengthening surgery were satisfied and eventually half of them elected to have more surgery.

There is another problem with this penis surgery: it only lengthens the penis.  If you want to widen the penis (you don’t want a long, skinny penis after all), then you will have to get another procedure.  The doctor basically cuts the skin off of your penis and puts layers of new skin on top of it.  Again, penile enlargement surgery cost is expensive, and of course, very painful and risky.  A penile implant may also take a long time to heal.  Oh, and you won’t be able to widen the head of your penis with this method, so you might end up with a deranged looking penis!.    A discussion on if it’s really worth it


  • Gives the fastest results
  • Works for most men, less than 40%


  • Painful
  • Risks include infection, nerve damage, and impotence
  • Very expensive (about $5,000-$10,000 for each operation)
  • Small results (usually less than 1 inch)


Penis Exercises

Non-surgical penis enlargement is based on the same principles as bodybuilding.  You need to create micro-tears in the tissue.  The body then responds to these tears by stimulating new cell growth and, over time, you get bigger.  Apart from the regular exercises, you can also get the kegel muscles in action via regular exercises, which starts from the urinary sphincter to the anus.

A penis can be exercised and men have done so for centuries. Jelqing is a well-known, ancient Middle Eastern method of exercise. Jelqing looks like masturbation, but the penis is flaccid while doing the exercise. Staying flaccid while doing these exercises can be difficult for some men to do.


  • A free option
  • If done properly and regularly, is very effective
  • Helps with Erectile Dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis


  • Excessive rubbing on penis can lead to chaffing
  • Requires a lot of time before results are seen
  • Only increases length not width


Penis Pumps

Oh Yes, love these.  The safest & cheapest way.   Yes, Penis/ Penile Enlargement pumps work in the exact same way as penis exercises: by stimulating new cell growth and does away with penis enlargement cost that comes with surgeries.  But the difference is that penis pumps take all the effort out of it.  Instead of having to manually tug on your penis, you just put your penis into a cylinder. With the use of a pump, you create a vacuum inside the cylinder.  The vacuum puts suction pressure on the penis.

By using a pump, the penis receives suction pressure in all directions, allowing for length and width gains.


  • Proven effective
  • One-time cost investment
  • Gains usually range from 1-3 inches
  • Some benefits seen in about 1 month
  • Also can cure curved penis


  • Quality of penis pumps varies
  • Some men find pumps uncomfortable (except the Penomet)

Read this for a more in-depth review and analysis of the Penomet pump 

Penile Enlargement Pills

Now, there are certainly all sorts of pills which can improve your libido, increase ejaculation, and cure erectile dysfunction.  These include everything from Viagra, zinc supplements, semenax pills and rigirx plus pills.  But, when it comes to increasing your penis size, pills probably aren’t going to do you any good.

Most penis pills, including extagen pills and sinrex pills, supposedly work by increasing blood flow to the penis and strengthening your penis cells.  The idea is that, when your penis cells are healthier, then your penis will be able to hold more blood while erect.  There might be some truth to this (though there is no scientific evidence to back it up).  But, if it is true, then the benefits will only be for men who have problems like weak erections or erectile dysfunction


  • May have other sexual benefits
  • May help increase erection size in men with weak erections


  • Not proven to work
  • Pills not regulated by FDA and may contain dangerous ingredients
  • Known side effects: rash, blackouts, headaches, high blood pressure, hair loss
  • Expensive over long term because pills must be taken every day

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