6 Proven & Safe Ways To Last Longer In Bed Naturally?

by Darren Rhys on June 28, 2014. Updated December 8, 2014

When things don’t go as expected in bed, it is not easy for her and is very upsetting to you.

Erectile dysfunction can be a permanent issue or can be short lived, depending on the causalconcern. Modern couples have ample stress and tribulations to deal with, and like it or not, most of it trespasses and translates in the bedroom time. Most women desire their men to last a tad longer, while men always want to take it a step ahead for that lasting orgasm.

The following tips and ideas will help you learn how to last longer in bed naturally without out medication.   Some other expert tips to last longer.

Start slow: 

To make your erections last longer and give her the ultimate orgasm, you need to slow down. Even though many men prefer fast and full sessions of love, increased bonding and better climaxes come from taking it slow and exploring your partner. You need to understand her entire body with longer foreplay, which means keeping the action going longer.

Get started with kegel exercises:

To keep an erection longer without using pills, you need to exercise the kegel muscles, also know as the pubococcygeus muscles. Located from the urinary sphincter to the anus, these muscles control the blood flow to the penis, and directly effect ejaculation time.

Locating these muscles seems to be the main problem for most. The simplest way is to stop the urine while peeing, and you will understand the muscles that work behind the region. Some people like using kegel balls and exercise machines, while others are fine with the peeing exercise of relieving and holding the urine. Balls and other choices are better for the fact that stopping urination may cause certain bladder problems.

Think of the ED pills:

If you are looking for a fast and readymade option for last longer in bed techniques, the best choice is the set of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors, available in form of pills. Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis are different choices, although they work in the same way. The pills increase the blood flow to the penis and relieve the blood vessels, which creates an erection right away.

These last longer in bed  pills,  are drugs known to be effective for two third of men out there. Some men use them for regular needs, while for others, it’s just a matter of getting the confidence back to last longer in bed tonight. For those who get ejaculation in less than two minutes, these drugs only help to stay longer for around a couple of hours. The known side effects include facial flushing, indigestion, headaches and dizziness.

Get the vacuum pumps:

Around since the 1980’s, vacuum pumps are your best choice for naturally enhancing your length of time in bed, without taking pills. Pumps work by placing a cylinder over the penis, and pumping the air out to create a vacuum. This suction increases the flow of blood to the penis, giving the desired erection.

Now… if you want IMMEDIATE results, then water based vacuum pumps are best solutions.  Water is known to create even suction, which can help for consistent erection, better than most of the last longer pills.   Some have seen gains in the same day they used the pump.

Consider taking counseling:

As stated at the start, many of the problems of the bedroom are due to the issues of stress and problems in the relation. If you really want more than just solutions for one night, counseling comes off as a decent and workable option for most couples. Therapists are best persons to tell whether you need a vacuum pump, can do with just exercises or need to restore to pills, or if you have a mental issue.

Premature ejaculation and erection issues are dependent on any underlying causes attributing to the problem. Counseling with you and your partner helps to give insight to any issues which need working out. Longer climax durations are less worrisome with the many options available for today’s man.

A small gamut of added tips:

Pills, vacuum pumps and counseling, we have covered it all. However, many of the secrets to a long lasting orgasm and even longer erection is often in the smallest things. Firstly, start practicing the stop-begin process, which involves getting high and then slowing down and repeating the same process for a few times. Most men last longer when their woman is on top, so for starters, avoid the doggy position for some time.

For men dealing with short term ED, climax delaying condoms are known to help men with these issues.



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