6 Key Approaches To Getting Stronger Harder Longer Erections.

by Darren Rhys on June 28, 2014. Updated December 8, 2014

Erectile Dysfunction and other sexual problems are no longer taboo in today’s society, thanks to the number of men dealing with these issues.

There can be multifaceted reasons behind weak erections, and thankfully, there are rather a decent number of choices for a solution. Instead of pondering on “how to get harder erections”, it’s best to check the solutions and understand the treatments and options that are worth the money spent.

Pills For Better Erections:

Viagra and Levitra are some of the most viable options for over 80% of the men suffering from ED. Many over the counter erection pills are FDA approved and a good choice most of the time.

Erectile Dysfunction pills are known as phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, and work successfully by increasing blood flow to the penis. These pills may help you last longer, with erections lasting a couple of hours.  Pros: Works for most men, East to get and Affordable.  Cons: Headache, nasal congestion, not compatible with some medicines

Penile Injections:

The FDA has approved an erection injection containing Alprostadil. This is a tested way of getting an erection.  For men incapable of taking ED pills for medical reasons, injections are know to be relatively effective.

The success rate is over 80%, with erections lasting one to three hours.  Pros: FDA approved, ideal for most men, alternative to pills.  Cons: Long erections for more than four hours, burning sensation, slight pain. VERY EXPENSIVE!!! 

Vacuum Pumps:

If you are unsure of using pills or other ED drugs, consider the vacuum pump; a choice offering painless erections. Pumps are easy to use by placing a cylinder over the penis and using the pump to vacuum the air out and increase blood flow to cause an erection.

Pumps come as either air or water based vacuums, with experts recommending water based pumps for an even suction. The erection is held by pushing a light elastic ring down on the penis base.  Pros: Safe choice, easy to use, 75% success rate.  Cons: Light bruising, weak ejaculation, quick removal of ring.  The award-winning Penomet Pump, is considered the best, giving higher results with no bruising.  Many people have noticed gains within 1 couple of usages of the pump.

Penile Implants and Surgeries:

There are cases where men cannot take on the other treatments to stay erect, and that’s where the surgical implants come handy. While on the surface, going under the knife seems to be a good option, there are quite a few factors to consider.  The penis growth surgery is ineffective for anyone expecting dramatic penis size changes.

This procedure may increase penis size by 1 inch and it carries large costs. Penis enlargement should only be undertaken after careful consideration of the pros and cons of all options.  As for implants, you can either get a pump inside, which can pumped manually for an erection or can get a malleable prosthesis. Only a medical professional can explain the option that suits you, but the pricing remains an issue.  Pros: Ideal for men with no other option, safe in most cases.  Cons: High costing, mechanical breakdown, limited size growth and infection 

Herbal Supplements:

Many of the herbs, like saw palmetto, are known to be good for better erections and work in the same way as stay hard pills. However, none of these are tested for success, nor are they regulated in the market by any concerning body.

Not to forget, none of these herbal supplements are known to be extremely effective, so taking a chance is not advisable. Most of these herbs sell in the underground market, where there is no guarantee that the ingredients are real.  Pros: Cheap and easy to get.  Cons: No testing, no approval, can prove fatal in rare cases.

Consider Taking Sex Tips And Therapy:

Just boner pills and implants cannot work for harder erections, and that’s the reason you need to consider the underlying reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction.  Cases of performance nervousness, bad state or relationship, stress and depression are best treated with sex therapy, which is known to be a combination of counseling, drugs and couple therapy.

Couples dealing with bad phases of their relationship, usually complain of ED and erection issues. If getting a hard erection is a problem, consider counseling with a sexologist.   Pros: A safe and easy option, which involves an understanding of circumstances. It is a successful option for many couples.  Cons: Is very expensive, takes time, and is not always helpful.


Using pills or any of the many ED options is safe and effective as long as it gives stronger erections and adds to the bedroom experience. ED can be successfully cured, but the drug or treatment needs to be precise.




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