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by Darren Rhys on June 28, 2014. Updated December 8, 2014

On this page, you will learn the definition of Erectile Dysfunction or ED, what treatment choices you have, and how you can cure your ED.

We are going to show you what home remedies are available for ED, with everything from ED pills, ED devices, and other ED options.

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction (ED), often termed as impotence in general terms, is the incapability of men to get, maintain or sustain penile erection for the needs of penetration and intercourse. While the underlying reasons are often reversible, there are cases when such a condition may be due to diseases, most cardiovascular in nature. Thankfully, both modern and natural remedies for ED work wonders.

Who Does Ed Affect?  

20 or 30 years ago, it was common for men over 40 to suffer from ED. Today, men in their 20s suffer from ED symptoms, and are unable to get an erection or maintain and erection long enough for penetration. There are many reasons for this, including stress and anxiety, disease and ailments, failures in life, or problem relationships. ED can happen to any man and taking note of the frequency of erection problems helps with discovering the best options for treatment,

Therapy is the best place to start with treating ED. Your doctor can decide on the best treatment whether an ED pill or a treatment for putting the underlying problem into perspective. ED should not go untreated as it can lead to critical conditions. There are several over the counter choices for treatment of ED, without the risky options of surgery or implants.

What Does It Take For The Right Erection?

Apart from mental and emotional stimulation, the nerves must be functioning well, while the veins must be capable to hold to the blood that’s rushing in the penis. Not to forget, there must be no performance pressure, stress or any kind of unwanted emotional pain.

What Causes ED?        

Understand the possible causes of your erection problems before looking for the best treatment, whether it be ED pills, vacuum pumps, or natural cures. The penis is not always the cause of erection issues, and there may be underlying reasons, not immediately noticed.

Common Physical causes:

Things related to other parts of the body or diseases is often the prime reasons behind ED. This includes heart and cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity and diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and lower levels of testosterone among others.  Many injuries and surgeries involving the pelvic area are also common causes, along with other diseases and issues like sclerosis, and Peyronie’s disease and use of certain medicines on prescription.

Before deciding on treating with ED pills or other over the counter treatments, doctors look for underlying problems first.  Usually, the following medical conditions are directly or circuitously related to ED:

    • Overweight
    • Diabetes
    • High cholesterol
    • Cardiac problems or disease
    • Stress or anxiety
    • Drugs and alcohol, and tobacco use

Too Much Pornography:

This is surprising, especially for young men with ED and is a concern for men frequently engaging in masturbation. Studies have shown, too much porn which causes frequent masturbation, is a leading cause of Erectile Dysfunction.  Although ED can be caused due to excessive or recurrent masturbation, there is no denying that the cause is often aggravated due to excess pornography. It is no less of a surprise that porn-related ED is mix of psychological and biological reasons, often relating to performance anxiety.  Now your can ask yourself: do I have ed?

Psychological Causes:

Most times, it’s the brain and the gamut of emotions that decide the level and lastingness of an erection a man achieves. This is why things like stress, relationship issues, anxiety, performance pressure and related depressing thoughts can make a crucial note.Psychological issues relating to Erectile Dysfunction is easily treated through therapy or natural ED remedies.

Temporary erection issues, needing a slight confidence boost, are often treated with over the counter ED pills such as Extenze, Vigrx, and Vimax. These pills may not be the best ED treatment as they have a slight risk of headaches and dizziness.

What are ED symptoms?

Inability to retain an erection can be best termed as the definition of erectile dysfunction. If ED is transient, the issue might not be a serious one and should go with time. However, if the same is persistent, that calls for attention. Here are some symptom types worth checking for.

  • Occasional ED Issues: Patient may not need ED treatment as the problem is often performance and time related, and usually goes away.
  • Gradual ED Issues: Known as chronic impotence, patients with gradual erection issues have an extreme increase in the lack of an erection or the inability to hold an erection.
  • Abrupt ED Issues: Patients with abrupt ED issues will get erections while masturbating, but often fail when in bed. Usually, psychological issues are the underlying cause, but occasionally, physical issues may be the problem.

How To Get Better With Erectile Dysfunction?

The simplest and easiest way to get away with erectile dysfunction is to seek help with ED remedies. In almost 80% of the cases, men can get over ED with ease.  The first choice is to better the lifestyle and check for home remedy for ed cure.

However, before you can go ahead with over the counter ed meds and other ED medications.  Avoid alcohol, junk food and stick to a healthy regime for six days of the week at the minimum.  Look to include kegel exercises into your daily routine.

What Are The Different ED Treatment Options?

Since ED is a major issue and requires attention, it is comprehensible as how the experts and scientists have vowed to ensure the treatments come easy. Here are some quick and best known ED treatment reviews which I have summarized below.

Lifestyle Changes:

This is the first part of usual advice that doctors prescribe. In general, the patient is given a certain time to deal with different things related to lifestyle. This may include dealing with obesity and losing weight, exercising, restricting smoking and limited the intake of alcohol.


The next solution for treating ED is natural ED remedies prescribed according to individual cases. The most common over the counter ED remedies are Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra, and all medications work by increasing blood flow and retaining the erection.

Non-Drug Options:

Aids such as blood vessel surgery, implants, and penis pumps are used for treating ED, and are effective in most cases. ED vacuum pumps work very well at pulling blood to the penis right before sex. Vacuum pumps are a popular remedy for ED.

Alternative Treatments:

There are more than a few treatments for ED known to the alternative practitioners and related natural ED cures, but none of it is tested or approved. Of course, some users do admit seeing changes, but unless and until recommended, opting for blind solutions is not recommended. 

Can ED Be Cured Forever?

Yes, ED is curable. Erectile Dysfunction can be fully cured with the right treatment and by using it correctly.  While many of the home remedies for ed are based on luck and trial and error, the modern treatments like ED devices are quite worth the attention.  Oral medication is usually the first choice for ED sufferers and the pills are easily found online.

However, with the side effects associated with ED medications, most men return to a natural treatment instead. The use of air and water based pumps is recommended by experts, and both work by forcing and retaining the blood flow in the penis.  There are alternative treatments for Erectile Dysfunction, including penile injections, suppositories, and surgery. However, these options are only used under the guidance of a physician.

Natural ED remedies are not harmful but may need a mixture of lifestyle changes, counseling, and modern treatments to be successful. You can call your doctor, wasting weeks or months on things you already know, or you can take action now to cure your ED in one month.



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